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22 Crafty Valentine’s Day Projects

22 Crafty Valentines Day Projects (1)

Being crafty is always fun, but it can get a little difficult or tiresome at times. Don’t let your exhaustion and creator’s block stop you from decorating this Valentine’s Day! Here are a few fun and fresh Valentine’s Day projects…

My Meals for Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day Menu

I’m all for having a nice fancy dinner but on holidays? Forget it! There is nothing I hate more than fighting crowds, lost reservations, cold nights…No thanks! To combat that I’ve decided to make Valentine’s Day an event at home.…

20 Easy Homemade Valentine Cards

20 Easy Homemade Valentine Cards

Spouses, parents, siblings, kids…EVERYONE loves getting a card on Valentine’s Day. Now, I know that there are plenty of 99 cents cards at the store but what’s the fun in buying a card when you can make one? Here are…