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{Easy} DIY String Art Projects


So you want to start an art project, but you don’t want to spend $5,000 dollars or donate your right arm? Well, grab some string, some colors, and probably glue. I’ve got you covered with these fun art projects.

10 Easy DIY Throw Pillow Patterns

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The right throw pillow can totally transform the feel of a room. It can add spice, color, personality, tone things down or liven things up, pull in a color scheme…the benefits of a throw pillow are endless. Here’s a few…

10 Fun Crafts to Make with Tree Branches

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There is something absolutely enchanting about the elegance of tree branches. I mean, it sounds a little bit silly, but there are few things more beautiful than the nobility of those incredible branches. Use that charm and class in decor,…

10 Creative Gift Wrap Ideas


Trying to spice up a present? Let’s be honest, we’ve all face that moment when your gift wrap looks so awful you don’t even want to give the present. Weep no more! The following ideas will elevate your gift wrapping…

6 Crafty Ways to use Paper Cups

Fun Paper Cup Crafts

Paper cups have two roles in my house: hello, and goodbye. I’m certainly going to branch out and try some new things, and these tutorials are the inspiration! A paper cup isn’t just a paper cup. It can become….well, look…