Top 4 DIY Tools For Big Projects

4 Must Have DIY Tools

This is a difficult one for me because I am a tool junky.  It would be much easier for me to tell the top 300 tools you must have and why.  But I will do my best to shorten that…

How to Refinish a Bathtub

How to Refinish a Bathtub (1)

I have lived in some pretty run down places throughout my life.  The bathroom is the room that always showed the most wear and tear. There are some easy ways to fix up your bathroom and make an outdated or…

10 DIY Projects to Update Your Bathroom

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While your bathroom is a part of your home that not a lot of guests see, it can still be depressing to have an old, dingy one. Instead of completely moving or renovating your entire bathroom, here are some awesome…

How to Paint Baseboards On Carpet

How to Paint Baseboard on Carpet

Before I knew this simple tip, I always avoided projects that would require me to re-paint our baseboard.  The reason being, that if you taped off the baseboard several problems would occur.

7 {Low Cost} Ways to Update Your Cabinets

7 {Low Cost} Ways to Update Your Cabinets

A small face lift on old cabinets can go a long way if it is done correctly.  You can breathe new life into cabinets without having to spend the money on new ones.  Here are some easy low cost methods…