Tips to Hanging Pictures and Mirrors

Tips to hanging Pictures and Mirrors

Do you have a blank wall that is begging for some coverage? Before you drive a nail in any old place, consider these tips for hanging pictures and mirrors:

  • Follow this simple process from Jenna at SAS Interiors to hang your pictures/mirrors in the perfect spot every time:
    • Lay the mirror/picture face down and cut a piece of painter’s tape long enough so that each end is aligned with the center of the hooks on the frame.
    • Remove the tape from the frame and put it on the wall where you want to hang the picture/mirror. Adjust the tape until it’s just right—use a leveler to make sure the tape line is level.
    • On the bottom corner of each side of the tape, install a stud or anchor to support the screw or nail so the picture/mirror will stay hung! Install the screw or nail, then hang your picture/mirror.
    • When you hang pictures, place the focal point of the grouping at eye level.
    • Before you arrange a grouping of pictures or mirrors, lay them out on the floor in front of the wall. When you are satisfied with the arrangement, take a picture of it so you don’t forget and then mount them on the wall.
    • You can use a laser level for hanging pictures at an angle (like along a staircase).
    • If you have a large, empty wall, don’t just put one small picture on it. Fill the space with photographs, artwork, mirrors, shelves, or shadow boxes.
    • Don’t be afraid to hang pictures/mirrors in frames of different colors and sizes—just make sure they complement each other!
    • Hang pictures/mirrors from knobs or hooks using a piece of ribbon.
    • Instead of hanging pictures directly on the wall, consider displaying them on easels.
    • You can buy picture-hanging kits from hardware stores that have all the essential supplies.

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