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Fabulous Outdoor DIY Fireplace Ideas

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Outdoor Fireplaces are really beautiful and add a lot of style and warmth to your yard.  A lot of people are starting to do fire pits in their back yard, but a large, substantial fireplace brings your home outdoors.  We live in a new home, and we are finishing our backyard this spring.  This is definitely in our plans.  I will post pictures as we work on it.

Here is how you can DIY an outdoor fireplace in your yard, brick and mortar style.


Measure and mark the precise location, area and size of your fireplace.  Be sure that you choose your area carefully, taking all things into account, from view, proximity to home/garden, etc.  Be sure if you are doing a gas fireplace that you have professionals in that industry come and advise you on what you need for gas lines, regulations and building code.


Dig!  Dig the trenches where you have previously marked for your foundation.


Once you have the foundation area excavated and you are ready for the cement, it is advised that you compact the area tightly, so that you are laying cement on a very hard surface.  This is going to make your outdoor fireplace much more structurally sound.  Plate compacters are a good way to go in this instance.  If you do not have access to one, you can rent one for less than $100 a day, and for a small one, you may be able to get one for about $50.  This seems like an easy step to skimp on, but when you are doing a project of this size, be sure you are laying your outdoor fireplace on a firm foundation, to prevent any structural problems later on.


Mix and pour the cement in the trench.  Be sure to give the cement enough time to cure (usually about 24 hours and you are safe.)  Build up the foundation with your cinderblocks and mortar.  After each level, use a level to be sure that you are creating a level layer and adjust it if you must with more or less mortar.  Once your foundation is dry for another 24 hours, you can begin your sturcture with your stone veneers.  This is the fun part that really makes the fireplace look amazing.  Here are some really great outdoor fireplaces that I am using to design ours.  Ours will not be as grand as some of these, but it is fun to look at these different ideas and find elements that you can make your own, given your specific space restraints and style.

Outdoor fireplace

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