5 Must-Have DIY Shop Tools

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I will start by saying that I am a woodworker.  The DIY projects that I attempt don’t involve glue guns, they involve tools with more voltage.  These are the top 5 shop tools you need to attempt big DIY projects, crafts or woodworking.  I will post my top 5 hand tools for DIY projects shortly.

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Above is a dresser that I made 6 years ago.  I just refinished it from white to black.  I build furniture to last, using only quality techniques to assure longevity.  When we are tired of the finish, or need to use the piece for a different purpose, I refinish them.  When you build your own furniture, you have the opportunity to build them so strong and structurally sound, that you can’t even buy furniture that is as well-built.  This is what I do.  This is what anybody can do, that wants to invest the time and tools to learn how to make quality furniture.

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